Jolien Els wins World Field Archery title for first time

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Two Namibian archers represented the Archery Association Namibia at the 2016 World Field Archery Championship that was recently held in WaggaWagga, New South Wales (NSW), Australia, seeing participants from 16 countries and 625 archers in 110 different divisions and categories.

Jolien Els was the first participant at WFAC 2016 in a new class, Youth Adult Female Bowhunter Unlimited (YAFBU), for 18-19 year olds that was introduced by IFAA in 2015. She walked away with a gold medal and the title of World Champion to her name. We still expect to see a lot from Jolien in future, as she will participate in the adult class next year at the AFRAC, hosted by Archery Association Namibia at Heja Lodge in 2017.

Beanta Viviers competed in the Adult Female Freestyle Unlimited (AFFU) class and finished in 8th place out of a total of 16 participants.

The shoot commenced on Monday the 25th of September after some rain during the previous night. Two more days of shooting continued, but then the competition was suspended on the 4th day, with an eventual cancellation of both the 4th and 5th days, due to heavy rains and flood warnings for the area.

Bea and Jolien were exposed to extremely different elements than they are used to, with heavy rain and icy winds blowing through the archery ranges. Both did extremely well, and have built more confidence to represent Namibia in the next WFAC to be held in South Africa in 2018.

The two Namibian archers will return to Windhoek from Australia on the 11th of October 2016.