Biggest Archery Competition in Namibia

Saturday morning started off with the senior and junior individual bull's eye flights. After lunchtime, the archers tried their hand at 2D and 3D. This was a first for many of the archers.

Sunday saw the senior (grade 8 - 12) and junior (grade 4 - 7) school teams competing for gold. Each team consisted of four archers (mostly 3 boys and 1girl).

Teams had lots of fun during the 1/8, 1/4 and the finals. After many hours in the sun, many kilometers walked and for many, sore fingers, all scores were in and everyone awaited the prize giving with bated breath.

The number of participants far exceeded the organizers expectations and the Championship will definitely become a yearly institution.

NASP NAMIBIA would like to thank all archers, parents, teachers and archery instructors for a fantastic weekend and especially a BIG Thank You to the sponsors. Without them a competition of this magnitude would not be possible.