4th All-Star Championship

1. Canada

2. Namibia

3. South Africa

4. USA

5. Zimbabwe

Other teams also competing are:

1. Canadian Development Team

2. Namibian Development Team

3. South African Development Team

4. Zimbabwean Development Team

5. Centre Shot South African Team

NASP originated in 2002 in Kentucky, Usa with the purpose of getting children away from the consistent use of technology and back into nature. The program focuses on developing life-long skills within our youth by using the bow and arrow as a very effective medium. The sport exploded and today more than 12 million school attending children in the USA are participating in NASP (1-2 MILLION STUDENTS PARTICIPATED IN NASP DURING THE 2014/2015 SCHOOL YEAR – This is more than Little League Baseball) 12 countries are already involved and in South African they have 10 000+ children participating in NASP.

NASP-SA is driving Development Initiative in South Africa where NASP equipment and training are presented to deprived schools and schools in remote communities in RSA. NASP Inc. in the USA supports this initiative by donating and at times presenting grants to NASP-SA.

The first ever All Star Championships was also presented in South Africa at Shikwaro Lodge, Limpopo Province. This year the main sponsor, AHA ALPINE HEATH RESORT, is also hosting this prestigious event at the resort. AHA ALPINE HEATH RESORT is very ideal, as the property can handle an accommodation and dining capacity of over 600 people and consists of many grass spreads – large enough to conveniently host this competition on its grounds.

The present (unofficial) World Ranking based on the 2015 All Star 

Championship, is a follows:

1. USA

2. South Africa

3. Namibia

4. Canada

The present Africa Ranking based on the 2014 and 2015 NASP Africa Championship is as follows:

1. South Africa

2. Zimbabwe

3. Namibia

4. Botswana

For more information on how to get your school involved contact:

Rudiger Woortman


e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.