NASP Namibia

NASP Namibia
To date, 115 Basic Archery Instructors (BAI), 11 Basic Archery Instructor Trainers (BAIT), and 3 Basic Archery Instructor Trainer Specialists (BAITS) were trained. 17 schools from 7 regions in Namibia have joined the program so far. Considering Namibia’s total of 13 regions, the current challenge is to expand NASP into the six northern regions of the country.

NASP is designed for school children from Grades 4 to 12. Everything from instructor manuals, equipment, and rules are in place, making archery just as safe as table tennis. The basic equipment – a Mathews Genesis bow and Easton aluminium 1820 arrows – is an affordable package to schools, and allows school children of all ages and aptitudes the opportunity to learn archery. A simple set of ten bows, fifty arrows and five butts brings archery to an entire school. Thus far, the NASP program has succeeded in obtaining the participation of numerous previously disadvantaged children.

On 23rd April another NASP-Namibia competition was held at the SKW Archery Club. 73 children from 11 different organisations competed. Some of them drove as far as 700km to join the event. The scholars completed two flights at distances of 10m and 15m. The day ended with a 2D “animal round” which was enjoyed by all. The spectators, which included many parents, followed with event with enthusiasm. Overall it was a very successful day--bringing families together, children making new friends and everyone enjoying a lovely sunny day.

Scores were recorded and a ranking list has been established. The top 32 archers will be selected to represent Namibia at the NASP All-Star competition in South Africa where they will compete against other NASP archers from South Africa, USA, Zimbabwe and Canada. Raffle tickets were sold to help augment the travel costs that the archers’ parents will be responsible for.

NASP-Namibia is the Archery Association of Namibia’s development program which aims to introduce the sport to many youngsters and develop talent throughout the country. Archery is proven to provide many positive aspects to youngsters which include: self esteem, discipline, concentration, physical fitness, and higher marks in maths to name but a few.

The future of archery in Namibia looks promising.