NASP Nam AGM 2015

In terms of Article 7.1 of the Constitution, notice is hereby given of the AGM of NASP NAM 2015 to be held in Windhoek on the 29 August 2015. All members as well as representatives of the Namibia National Sports Commission, Namibia National Olympic Committee and the Archery Association of Namibia are herewith invited to attend the AGM.

  • Venue TBA
  • Time 16:00

In terms of article 3.6 Voting Rights

3.6.1 All school / organization representatives have voting rights provided that they have paid-up membership fees.

3.6.2 Age: Only members above 18 years of age have the right to vote.

3.6.3 Only one vote per school/organization.

The delegates need authorization from their organisation to deliberate and cast votes on matters on the agenda of the meeting. These include:

  1. Acceptance of audited Financial Statements for the Year 2014/2015
  2. Discussion and voting on Changes to the Constitution
  3. Election of the new Council Members of NASP NAM according to the Constitution.
  4. Other matters.
  5. Motions
  • 1)The following positions on Council must be filled:

Chairman: Rudiger Woortman’s term ends with this AGM. 

Secretary: Karola Woortman’s term ends with this AGM. 

Additional Member: R. Rossler’s term ends with this AGM. 

Should your organisation feel that they have a suitable candidate, please nominate.

  • The due date for nominations is the­­­­ 15th of August, 10:00, by which date and time all organisations must submit in writing their nominations for Council, together with a list of delegates to the Secretary for distribution.
  • 2)The Constitution of NASP Nam needs to be kept up to date, representing and covering the growing needs activities and responsibilities of the Organisation. You are herewith called on submit motivated suggestions to the Secretary for distribution to Council by 15th of August. Council will then distribute a list together with motivations to the member clubs for internal discussion in order to brief delegates to the AGM appropriately.
  • The due date for any motions must likewise reach the Secretary on 22nd of August, 10:00, for distribution and inclusion in the Agenda.
  • Only Members in good standing with the Organisation according to the above clause can submit votes at the AGM 2015.

Kind Regards

Rudiger Woortman

Chairmen NASP NAM