NASP Namibia captures Bronze in Team Event

A total of 5146 archers participated at the prestigious international event.

16 archers from Namibian schools arrived in the USA last week and started competing on Sunday. Each national team was ordered according to their ranking scores with Namibia having 4 sub-teams consisting of one girl and one boy each.

On Monday the Namibian teams competed against Canada and South Africa with some of the Namibian archers improving their personal best scores. Namibia teams 1 & 2 fell to USA, but in the end Africa took Bronze (Namibia) and Silver (RSA), proving that African nations are internationally competitive. The team is expected to arrive home in Namibia at Hosea Kutako International Airport on Friday, 31 July,7h45. Bringing home medals is a great honour for Namibia. 

The team was accompanied by Rudiger & Marja Woortman of SKW Archery Club (Windhoek). In addition to the Woortmans being the Namibian NASP sponsors, Marja is also the Namibia national archery coach. In September the Woortmans, along with Tsumeb Archery Club coach Frank Reddig, will attend an international coaching seminar in Malaga, Spain where they will enhance their coaching skills for the betterment of Namibian archers nationwide.