Namibian Archery Team brings home Medals

Team Manager Rudiger Woortman reported that the Namibian Recurve archers were complimented by their South African rivals for their excellent shooting. Overall, it was a very successful tournament with Namibia bringing home 19 medals in total.

Namibian medals and overall results were won as follows:

Recurve Boys Under 13:

1440 Round: CF Brandt (Gold)

720 Round: CF Brandt (Silver)

Compound Boys Under 13:

1440 Round: Dirk De Bod (Silver)

720 Round: Dirk De Bod (Silver)

Recurve Girls Under 15:

1440 Round: Quinn Reddig (Gold)

720 Round: Quinn Reddig (Gold)

Recurve Boys Under 15:

1440 Round: Adriaan Grobler (Gold); Morne Meyer (4th)

720 Round: Adrian Grobler (Silver)

Compound Girls Under 15:

1440 Round: Lize-Marie De Bod (Bronze)

720 Round: Lize-Marie de Bod (Silver)

Compound Boys Under 15:

1440 Round: Gideon Brink (5th)

Compound Cadet Men:

1440 Round: JB Oosthuizen (5th); Warren Smit (6th)

720 Round: JB Oosthuizen (Bronze)

Compound Cadet Women:

1440 Round: Brigitte Tietz (4th)

Recurve Cadet Men

1440 Round: Xander Reddig (Gold)

720 Round: Xander Reddig (Gold)

Compound Junior Men:

1440 Round: Sebastian Fechter (Silver)

720 Round: Sebastian Fechter (Silver)

Compound Junior Women:

1440 Round: Joelene Els (Gold)

720 Round: Joelene Els (Bronze)

Compound Women:

1440 Round: Beanta Viviers (6th); Connie Smit (12th)

SANAA Recurve Limited:

1440 Round: Paul Grobler (Silver)

720 Round: Paul Grobler (Silver)

Compound Master Men:

1440 Round: Rudiger Woortman (10th)