NASP Development Program continues this weekend

After successfully introducing the NASP development program to Namibia, the AAN is constantly upgrading and improving their program. Last month three new schools joined. This weekend the participating members will meet for the first official event of the season.

The shoot is scheduled to take place on 28 February (8:00) at the SKW range in Windhoek. Each school is allowed to enter an unlimited number of teams, consisting of four archers. Each team must have a minimum of one girl. The teams will participate as a group in the Elimination round and as individuals in the Ranking round. Thus far, more than 20 archers have confirmed their participation.

There will be medals for the Ranking round for Junior/Senior, Men/Women, as well as, gold, silver and bronze medals for the Elimination round where teams of all age groups will shoot against each other.

The NASP was started more then 10 years ago in Kentucky, USA in an effort to get school children involved in outdoor activities. The concept was enthusiastically accepted and has grown tremendously. After initially starting with 21 schools in Kentucky, there are now over 5 500 schools actively participating in the USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa and Namibia.