NASP Program continues to grow

The Archery Association of Namibia (AAN) has now confirmed that three more schools have joined the program. The new kids on the block are Excelsior Namibia in Aroab as well as two Windhoek-based schools: Home School Carpe Diem and the Community Hope School which is associated with Youth With A Mission (YWAM).

This brings the total number of actively participating schools to 13, with some 150 scholars involved. “This is a huge success and we hope that we can build on it for the future”, AAN secretary Karola Wortman said.

The new participating schools will also receive handsome grants from the AAN in order to improve the skill-set of their learners. These grants allow them to buy archery equipment worth N$ 25,000 for as little as N$ 16,000. The equipment for each school includes 12 bows, 60 arrows as well as a repair kit. Furthermore, AFRO Pumps—a Windhoek business which supports NASP—donates five targets worth N$ 5,000 to each school. 

Namibia national team coach Marja Woortman announced that there are two more grants left. The prerequisite for a learning institution to receive a grant is that teachers and/or parents undergo a course for basic archery instruction. The course is a one-day program that allows those who complete it to train grades four to twelve school children. Coach Woortman urged interested schools to contact AAN as soon as possible.