NASP event a huge success Team for All Stars in SA Announced

The archers involved were from the following schools: Windhoek Gymnasium, Leersentrum Koes, Brightstar Montesourie-Lüderitz, Walvisbay Private School, St Georges, St Paul’s and Berg-Op-Okahandja.

The All Star competition will see archers, who form part of the NASP programme, from around the world compete against each other.

Each of the kids had to shoot a three rounds of five arrows on 10 meters (150 points), followed by three rounds of another five arrows on 15 meters (150 points). The participants were then ranked according to their number of gained points in their respective age divisions, after which they moved to the eliminations rounds.

The winners of the various categories were as follows:

Grade 4-7 Boys:

Gold: Sven Morgen (Brightstar Montesourie, Luderitz)

Silver: LJ Scholtz (Berg-Op, Okahandja)

Bronze: Petrus Labuschagne (Leersentrum Koes, Koes)

Grade 4-7 Girls:

Gold: Bianca Erasmus ( Berg-Op, Okahandja)

Silver: Camilla Mckenzi (Brightstar Montesourie, Luderitz)

Bronze: Nadia Martins (St Georges, Windhoek)

Grade 8-12 Boys:

Gold: Lukas Els (Home Schooling)

Silver: Bendre Bothma (Brightstar Montesourie, Luderitz)

Bronze: Jacobus van Schalkwyk (Windhoek Gymnasium, Windhoek)

Grade 8-12 Girls:

Gold: Christie Agenbach (Berg-Op, Okahandja)

Silver: Melanie Erasmus (Berg-Op, Okahandja)

Bronze: Daniella Rodriques (Walvisbay Private School, Walvisbay)

The archers that qualified for the All Stars are as follows:

Christie Agenbach

Jacobus van Schalkwyk

Lukas Els

Bianca Erasmus

Bendre Bothma

L.J. Scholtz

Kobus Bergh

Melanie Erasmus

Sven Morgan

Adriaan Bothma

Crystal de Beer

Danny José

Daniella Rodrigues

Nadia Martins

Camilla Mackenzie

Petrus Labuschange

Meanwhile, the NASP programme, which has 5 500 schools in the USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa and Namibia involved, will now be represented in Namibia under the name NASP-NAM and forms part of the Archery Association of Namibia. NASP-NAM is the youth development program of Archery. It exposes learners from Grade 4 to 12 to Archery and will support the AAN in talent identification. It will be spear-headed by Karola Woortman as Secretary, while Rüdiger Woortman fills the role of chairman and Kirstie Horn as vice-chairman. Marietjie Bothma will serve as treasurer. Additional members are Anita Park and Rene Rossler.