AAN conducts training of Basic Archery Instructors (BAI) in Walvis Bay

“There was not a moment when we weren't full of excitement and enthusiasm. Everything was perfect, from the alternating theory to the practical. I have never been to such a well planned course before in my 15 years of teaching”, remarked Kirstie Horn, one of the attendants.

So far, a total of ten (10) schools and archery clubs from all over the country have participated actively in the NASP. Another BAI course is scheduled for this weekend in Tsumeb.

The NASP was started some 13 years ago in Kentucky, USA in an effort to get school children involved in outdoor activities as a balance to the increasing time spent behind computers and video games. The concept was enthusiastically accepted and has grown tremendously. After initially starting with 21 schools in Kentucky, in March 2002, there are now over 5 500 schools in the USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa and Namibia participating actively. By 2010, over 5 000 000 pupils and 15 000 Archery Instructors were part of the NASP.

In most of these countries, the programme is part of the school curriculum. Instructors in general are convinced that this programme gets pupils more involved in school activities and actually leads to better academic results. It teaches learners life skills such as concentration, determination, tenacity, accuracy, respect, and consideration to name but a few. It is very advantageous that this programme can be followed by pupils from different backgrounds, different economic classes, and different physical capabilities. Learners with certain disabilities can take part without any special adaptations. Unfortunately in Namibia physical training is not part of the school’s curriculum anymore and therefore, in participating schools, NASP is part of the extramural activities.