Van der Berg and Malan win Year-End shootout in Walvis Bay

A total of 20 archers participated at the event at the coast, which was marked by strong winds. 72 arrows (max of 720 points) had to be shot during the qualification round by all archers over various distances according to their age category. The participants then moved on to the elimination round where they were ranked according to the points accumulated during the qualification round.

Unfortunately, some categories didn’t move to the elimination round due to a lack of participants. These winners were determined after the qualification round only.

During the qualification round, Ruan van Staden cruised to the first place with an impressive 666 points. The second place went to Sebastian Fechter (659), while Henk van der Berg came in third (658).

Van Staden was then unable to take his run of form to the final of the elimination round where he eventually lost to van der Berg. It was a closely contested final. With a maximum of 150 points up for grabs, van der Berg helped himself to 138 points, while van Staden had to settle for 136 points.

In the woman’s category, Ilana Malan made her victory perfect in dominating fashion. She acquired 632 points. Connie Smit and Bea Viviers couldn’t match Malan’s form and had to share the second place with 615 points each.

Meanwhile Andre’ van der Merwe came out victorious in the compound junior men category. This category was made up of shooters form different age categories because of the lack of participants. The second place went to Warren Smit. Johan van der Merwe came in third.

Another highlight of the day was young Quinn Reddig shooting 660 points in the U15 girl’s category elimination round. Although her target was only placed 20 meters away, her accumulated points speak volumes about her class and she is definitely an archer to watch out for in the future. Reddig then went on to win the final of the compound U13 category elimination shoot-out against her only rival Maarten van der Merwe.