Year-end shoot 2013

This weekend will see Namibia’s archers going head-to-head for one last time in 2013 as they compete at the annual Year-end Shoot at the Sport Klub Windhoek (SKW) in the Windhoek suburb Olympia. Warm-up and bow inspection is scheduled for 07:00 on Saturday, after which the event will start. The tournament is once again sponsored by Build-It.

The archers are divided into Compound and Recurve categories, whereby the compound shooters, as usual, form the bigger part of the field. According to Karola Woortman, Secretary of the Archery Association of Namibia, 24 archers have so far confirmed their participation at the prestigious event.

All shooters will kick off their campaign individually with 72 arrows, allowing them the opportunity to score a maximum of 720 points. Archers are then ranked and paired according to their score in the 720 round. Subsequently, the archers move to a series of elimination rounds where they will shoot 15 arrows per round to prove which two archers deserve a place in the finals. However, the tournament has been slightly altered this year to accommodate a “fun” series of elimination rounds, whereby those archers who were knocked out of the formal eliminations still have the opportunity to continue shooting and stand a chance to make the finals in the “fun” elimination rounds.

“We changed the format a bit, to allow the participating archers to shoot more than just the first round”, Woortman said. As usual, she expects a tournament with a high standard of shooting.