This event is the first leg of the European Youth Cup for the year 2017 that is hosted in Greece and will be followed by the European Youth Championships in 2018, which will be the quota tournament for Europe for the Youth Olympics 2018.

The group of 5 archers and three officials will leave on the 12th of April 2017 to first participate in a training camp hosted by the Hellenic Archery Federation.

The Archery Association of Namibia saw an opportunity when the Hellenic Archery Federation extended their invite to us to participate in the European Youth Cup as we in Africa do not have sufficient exposure to good international competition for our archers, therefore the decision was made to send a few selected archers to compete against the best Europe has to offer. The will shoot distances of 60m for the recurve archers and 50m for the compound archers.

It is vital for our young inexperienced archers to participate internationally to cope with the mental pressure and stress on the competitions.  As we only have a handful of young archers they lack good competition that only an international competition can provide.  These archers were identified by their various coaches as having the potential to participate in the upcoming competition in Argentina that will take place later this year.

The group that will be going is:

 Frank Reddig (Coach)

 Christo Brandt (Official)

 Rina de Bod (Official)

 Quinn Reddig (Recurve Cadet women)

 CF Brandt (Recurve Cadet men)

 Morne Meyer (Recurve Cadet men)

 Dorian Esterhuizen (Compound Cadet men)

 Dirk de Bod Jnr (Compound Cadet men)

DSC 0737

 FLTR Quinn Reddig, CF Brandt & Morne Meyer (Recurve Archers)

Dirk en Dorian

LEFT:  Dirk de Bod Jnr & Dorian Esterhuizen (Compound Archers)