The Archery Association of Namibia (AAN) sent a team of 18 archers to compete this week at the 2015 South African National Archery Championships in Johannesburg. Team Manager Rudiger Woortman reported that the Namibian Recurve archers were complimented by their South African rivals for their excellent shooting. Overall, it was a very successful tournament with Namibia bringing home 19 medals in total.

Namibian medals and overall results were won as follows:

Recurve Boys Under 13:

1440 Round: CF Brandt (Gold)

720 Round: CF Brandt (Silver)

Compound Boys Under 13:

1440 Round: Dirk De Bod (Silver)

720 Round: Dirk De Bod (Silver)

Recurve Girls Under 15:

1440 Round: Quinn Reddig (Gold)

720 Round: Quinn Reddig (Gold)

Recurve Boys Under 15:

1440 Round: Adriaan Grobler (Gold); Morne Meyer (4th)

720 Round: Adrian Grobler (Silver)

Compound Girls Under 15:

1440 Round: Lize-Marie De Bod (Bronze)

720 Round: Lize-Marie de Bod (Silver)

Compound Boys Under 15:

1440 Round: Gideon Brink (5th)

Compound Cadet Men:

1440 Round: JB Oosthuizen (5th); Warren Smit (6th)

720 Round: JB Oosthuizen (Bronze)

Compound Cadet Women:

1440 Round: Brigitte Tietz (4th)

Recurve Cadet Men

1440 Round: Xander Reddig (Gold)

720 Round: Xander Reddig (Gold)

Compound Junior Men:

1440 Round: Sebastian Fechter (Silver)

720 Round: Sebastian Fechter (Silver)

Compound Junior Women:

1440 Round: Joelene Els (Gold)

720 Round: Joelene Els (Bronze)

Compound Women:

1440 Round: Beanta Viviers (6th); Connie Smit (12th)

SANAA Recurve Limited:

1440 Round: Paul Grobler (Silver)

720 Round: Paul Grobler (Silver)

Compound Master Men:

1440 Round: Rudiger Woortman (10th)

On Tuesday Namibia’s archers participated in the 720 ranking round and were seeded for the Elimination rounds according to their scores. On Wednesday Eliminations started and the following archers advanced to the Medal matches which will take place on Thursday.

Lize Marie de Bod won the semi-final match against Kelly Vallun with a score of 121/115 and advanced to the Gold medal match in the Compound Cup Girl U15 division against Kauthar Mahomed.

Dirk de Bod won his semi-final match with a single arrow shoot-out and proceeds to the Gold medal match against Ignus de Wet in the Compound Boys U13 division.

Adrian Grobler won the semi-final match against Johan Wilsenach 3/7. He will compete in the Gold medal match in the Recurve Cub Boys division.

Paul Grobler won his semi-final match with a clear pass of 0/6 and advanced to the Gold medal match in the Recurve Men Limited division.

JB Oosthuizen will compete in the Bronze medal match for the Compound Cadet Men against Mark Vallun.

CF Brandt advanced to the Gold medal match for Recurve Boys U13 against Dario van den Berg.

Brigitte Tietz will shoot against Su-Andri van Schalkwyk for the Bronze medal in the Compound Cadet Women division.

Sebastian Fechter compete in the Gold medal match in the Compound Junior Men category against South African archer Hanno de Klerk.

Quinn Reddig was ranked 1st and had a bye in the semi-finals. She will compete in the Gold medal match in the Recurve Cub Girls division.

Xander Reddig won the Gold medal in the Recurve Cadet Men division.

Jolene Els has won the Bronze medal for Compound Junior Women after competing against Danelle Wentzel.

A possible total of eleven medals are up for grabs for the Namibian archery team.

Francois Marais and Elisabeth Taljaard were the standout shooters during last weekend’s Moruti Spar Shoot in Tsumeb as they won the compound men and compound women divisions respectively. The second competition of the year was kindly supported by Moruti Spar as well as Butt Archery Supplies, Tsumeb Golf Club, Executive Auto Repairs, AS Enginerring, and NS Gifts.

The tournament saw more than 40 archers from around the country go head to head in both Re-curve and Compound divisions.

Francois Marais was the most successful archer in the men’s compound division. The athlete from Windhoek made his intentions clear during the qualification round scoring an impressive 689 from a possible 720 points. Louw Nel, winner of the AFRO Pumps shoot a month ago, secured the second best score (677), while Ben van Wyk placed third with a score of (662).

The trio, together with Bernd Oosthuizen, then progressed to the elimination round where Marais made light work of Oosthuizen (145/77) to book himself a place in the final where Nel was waiting after defeating van Wyk (140/136). There was little that separated the pair in the gold medal match, but Marais was just too strong on the day. He scored 140 points, compared Nel’s score of 134, to take home the win. Van Wyk came in third place.

In other action, Elisabeth Taljaard, one of the most promising young archers in Namibia, took top honors in the women’s compound category. However, during qualification, Taljaard only managed the second best score (648) behind Ilana Malan (661). Liezel Schoeman achieved the third best score with 641 points.

Taljaard continued her run during eliminations, triumphing over Brigitte Tietz and Schoeman to reach the final. Here she faced Malan. The final was a nail-biting affair. Both archers showed great composure. Eventually, Taljaard managed to beat her rival by the slightest of margins, scoring 133 points while Malan had to settle for 131 points.

Meanwhile Harvey Park won the Master Men division after defeating veteran Rüdiger Woormann in the final with 119:115. Ullrich Hoffmann came in third. Hendre van Eeden was the top performer in the men’s compound cadet category. Warren Smit and JB Oosthuizen placed in second and third place respectively.

Other winners.

Recurve Men.

Gold: Paul Grobler

Recurve Master Men

Gold: Peter van Eeden

Compound Cadet Women

Gold: Brigitte Tietz

Compound Cub Boys U15

Gold: Gideon Brink

Compound Cub Girls U15

Gold: Lize Marie De Bod

Compound Boys U13

Gold: Dirk de Bod

Silver: Sw Kuhn

Bronze: Johan Reas

Recurve Cub boys U15

Gold: Morne Meyer

Recurve Boys U13

Gold: CF Brandt

Compound girls U13

Gold: Mia Karsten

Silver: Arianne Neumann

Compound Boys U13 Para Archer

Gold: Timmy de Wee

Recurve Cub Girls U15

Gold: Quinn Reddig

The Archery Association of Namibia (AAN) is leaving no stone unturned in further developing their sport in the country. After successfully introducing the NASP development program to Namibia, the AAN is constantly upgrading and improving their program. Last month three new schools joined. This weekend the participating members will meet for the first official event of the season.

The shoot is scheduled to take place on 28 February (8:00) at the SKW range in Windhoek. Each school is allowed to enter an unlimited number of teams, consisting of four archers. Each team must have a minimum of one girl. The teams will participate as a group in the Elimination round and as individuals in the Ranking round. Thus far, more than 20 archers have confirmed their participation.

There will be medals for the Ranking round for Junior/Senior, Men/Women, as well as, gold, silver and bronze medals for the Elimination round where teams of all age groups will shoot against each other.

The NASP was started more then 10 years ago in Kentucky, USA in an effort to get school children involved in outdoor activities. The concept was enthusiastically accepted and has grown tremendously. After initially starting with 21 schools in Kentucky, there are now over 5 500 schools actively participating in the USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa and Namibia.